Nancy pressured the builder to do what was right

Lucky for us Nancy was referred to us through the sales person installing our carpet.  Nancy was quick to answer the phone and worked with us while we fixed up our home to sell it.  Nancy never pressured us to sell our house until we were ready and worked with us to sell it at the best time possible.  She answered any questions we had while updated our house and ended up selling our house in a matter of days.  The brochures and the video that Nancy produced made our house hard for buyer’s to resist :]   After selling our house, we decided to buy a townhome that was being built.  We have been working with Nancy for 5 months now and the whole time she has been very professional and gets things done in a  timely manner [which is amazing considering all the chaos involved in selling and buying a home].  She has pressured the builder into doing what is right and was able to get some things changed when the builder was reluctant. We have felt like Nancy is truly looking out for our interests [rather than her’s] whether buying or selling and I feel that is hard to come by these days.  We would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home.  Give her a call you won’t be disappointed.      Carmen C