Nancy listens

“When I decided to sell my house, I was considering several Realtors.  I ended up calling Nancy.  Working with Nancy was great.

I had lived in the Cat Hollow area since 1992 and knew the positives of the neighborhood.  I wanted a Realtor that really knew those neighborhood positives.  Since Nancy moved to Round Rock, she consistently focused on the Cat Hollow area and I always looked forward to getting the updates she left at the door on how the neighborhood sales were going.  I never really thought about selling my house, but was always interested in the value my house might have.

Nancy and I agreed not to list the house until we both thought the house was ready.  She had local resources available that I used to help get my house ready to sell.  I wish I had that list of resources years before.  Anyway, Nancy knew her stuff.  I finally got the house ready to list.  Nancy posted it on the MLS one afternoon.  By the afternoon of the fourth day, we had a negotiated contract.  I never knew it would go so smoothly.  If I hadn’t chosen Nancy; if I hadn’t listened to her – my house would probably still be on the market.  

I would recommend Nancy to anyone.  She will listen to you, but listening to her will benefit you as well.”  Mary Haylor